Scotland Farm in serene Hampshire is known as a little gem of a B&B where you will check in a guests and check out as friends.

We think of Scotland Farm as a place where all those who live, work or visit can feel free and are encouraged to become more of who they already are - and that includes all the resident animals. Love is unconditional and respect is mutual. Not suprising we are also about partnerships, supporting local small businesses and working closely with trusts and charities who, like us, exist because we care.

The Scotland Farm is where you can treat and pamper yourself, family and friends. We are local, different and offer a small range of luxury products, fairly sourced and fairly priced.

When you call, we promise you will talk to a human being who will listen first time around - no recorded messages - unless of course we are in the fields running after wayward sheep. 

Support us and reduce your carbon footprint since the ingredients we use are local and will not have been flown in from all parts of the world - commonly from countries that often cannot feed themselves yet they export food at vast expense to the consumer through clocked-up airmiles.  So welcome and enjoy your Scotland Farm experience. You will find our sheep excel at meeting, greeting and bleating.

We offer 3 King size suites with choice of shower or bath plus wifi, under floor heating, off street parking and happiness. Room rates are £120 per night for 2 people sharing and that includes VAT and full breakfast service.